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Remember when we told you about a new manuscript we were working on? It was published last May in EMBO Molecular Medicine.

It is a review of the delivery hurdles that antisense oligonucleotides face before they can become a good therapeutic option.

You can read it here.

“Delivery is key: lessons learnt from developing splice-switching antisense therapies.”  C. Godfrey, L. R Desviat, B. Smedsrød, F. Piétri-Rouxel, M. A. Denti, P. Disterer, S. Lorain, G. Nogales-Gadea, V. Sardone, R. Anwar, S. El Andaloussi, T. Lehto, B. Khoo, C. Brolin, W M.C.van Roon-Mom, A.Goyenvalle, A. Aartsma-Rus, V. Arechavala-Gomeza

DOI 10.15252/emmm.201607199 | Published online 13.03.2017

EMBO Molecular Medicine (2017) 9, 545-557

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