Edurne Albiasu Arteta

Edurne Albiasu Arteta joined the Neuromuscular Disorders Group at Biocruces in November 2017 as a laboratory technician.

Edurne studied a degree of Clinical Diagnostic Laboratory in Pamplona. ​​She has great experience in  research, she worked for 6 years in the Cell Therapy Laboratory (Oncology Area) of the Center for Applied Medical Research (CIMA, Pamplona) under the direction of Dr. Felipe Prosper, during a period of almost 2 years in the Dr. Alfredo García Layana’s laboratory in the Ophthalmology Area of ​​the University Clinic of Navarra (Pamplona) and finally in the Donostia Hospital (Osakidetza) at the Laboratory of Genetics, directed by Dr. Raquel Saez.

She is interested in developing better cell culture models. She is highly involved in the development of new dystrophin quantification techniques and gene editing work and provides technical support to other members of the team, in particular with the maintenance of cell cultures.


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