Patricia Soblechero Martín

Patricia Soblechero Martín joined the Neuromuscular Disorders Group at Biocruces in July 2017 as a predoctoral researcher. She is particularly interested in the evaluation of new therapies through dystrophin and utrophin quantification assays as well collaborating in the development of new CRISPR/Cas gene editing techniques not just as a new potential therapy, but also as a tool to generate better cell culture models.

Patricia is a pharmacist specialized in Clinical Biochemistry (Puerta de Hierro University Hospital in Majadahonda, Madrid,  2013-2017), where she obtained a “Best Resident Curriculum Award” granted by the Hospital Teaching Committee. During her time at the hospital, following her interest in research, she collaborated with several research groups: the Urolithiasis group, led by Dr. Sáenz Medina, of the Urology Service of the HUPHM; the Neuroimmunology and demyelinating pathology group of the IDIPHM (Puerta de Hierro Research Institute), led by Dr. García Merino and the Metabolism and Nutrition group of the Biochemistry Service of the HUPHM, led by Dr. Granado Lorencio. As a result of these collaborations and many others, she has presented 26 communications to congresses, as well as made several publications in national journals. She also actively participated in multiple clinical sessions and meetings and she has also collaborated as a teacher in the course “Preparing for the competitive examination for the community of Madrid” organized by AETEL with a total of 16 teaching hours. Since April 2016 she is member of the Committee of Residents and New Specialists of AEFA (Spanish Association of Pharmaceutical Analysts). On behalf of the Commission, she was speaker at the X Residents’ Meeting held at the National Congress of Labclin Clinical Laboratory 2017, in November of 2017.

Prior to the start of the specialization, Patricia completed a Master’s Degree in Pharmacological Research at the UAM (2011-2012), during which she obtained an ERASMUS internship for three months in the UK to complete her master’s project, entitled “Role of microRNA155 in the leukocyte adhesion to the human cerebral endothelium in vitro: implications in Multiple Sclerosis”(The Open University, Milton Keynes, England, April-June 2012). Thanks to this work, an article was published in a peer-reviewed journal.


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